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between modernity and tradition, an invitation to pleasure

The Los Dueños philosophy by no way consists of opposing the Dominican Cigar to the traditionalcigars of other countries. we first of all aim at opening the doors of pleasure bu gaining access to a range of cigars you can’t even imagine.

The Dominican Republic offers you another image of the cigar; and Los Duenos supports that acceede to new sensations and discoveries.

Giving back the nobility title to cigars is

the ambition of Los Duenos

In the Dominican Republic, the cigar is to be savoured and it reveals all the richness of tobacco.

you have already heard of the blend then, withLos Dueños, enjoy the uniqueness of these mixtures and the discovery of the different tobacco origins.

with Los Dueños cigars everything is different:

flavour, burn, as well as taste. it is really hard to precisely define these differences.

Then discover in video the magic of these Dominican cigars branded Los Dueños.

Los Dueños,

a traditional approach tinged with youth, dynamism and originality

While Los Dueños makes it a rule to choose the best tobacco, our company dares to meet the expectations of the cigar new fans .

Los Dueños ambition is offering another way to discover new sensations.

The best plantations in the Dominican Republic, the rigorous selection of Cuban, brazilian or even Mexican cloak, the traditional cigar manufacture , the preparation of cigars satisfying new desires;…

This is the ambition of Los Dueños. So, now , you try it. Let yourself be captivated by our brands , and move out of the routine the Dominican cigars .